We produce a limited number of high quality, handbuilt, vacuum tube
guitar amplifiers for professional musicians.
We work closely with each artist to  craft the tone and dynamics that
fit their style and preference. Hours are spent aligning and optimizing
each chassis.
As long as you own it, we are here to keep it in top shape.
    One 12" Weber Blue Dog Speaker
  15 watts Nominal output power
  Push Pull class AB output stage EL84 or 6V6 versions
Reverb all tube, long springs
Volume, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass and Reverb controls
Cathode biased for singing tone and a bouncy feel. Change
tubes without rebiasing
No negative feedback loop to rob tone and smear the image.
Circuit stability is acheived by design and  careful selection of
True point-to-point wiring minimizes Miller Capacitance
preserving all the complex harmonic content of the
signal. Allows for clean, studio quiet operation and bullet proof
reliability. No circuit boards to warp or crack.
 Hand Wound Oversized Transformers allow for cool
operation while preventing the sonic anomalies associated
with undersized cores.
At Ohlinger Amps...
Lo-Watter Combos
Stacked Amps
Player's Gallery
Bill Perry (1957-2007) New York
Bill Perry Blues Band, Richie Havens,
Garth Hudson and Levon Helm
Howard Glazer  Detroit
Howard Glazer Band, Solo artist
Albert Castiglia  Miami
Albert Castiglia Band
Weber Speakers 2x12 and 4x10 cabinets available, semi-open,
sealed or ported.
30 watt and 40 watt versions available, EL84 or EL34 tube,
respectively. Other versions available up to !00 watts.
Head and cabinet available separately
Solid Pine cabinets with birch plywood floating baffle
Cathode Biased
No Negative feedback
True point-to-point wired
Hand Wound Oversized Transformers